A message from Koide Hiroaki

Nuclear Physicist Koide Hiroaki about health risks related to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident

Health risks related to the nuclear accident in Fukushima 2011 are downplayed due to so called missing statistical evidance by authority related medical and scientifical advisers, concernd scientists complain, among them nuclear physicist Koide Hiroaki. Here is his message (e-mail from September 28th. 2019):











“Due to the Fukushima accident, many health problems have been reported in addition to the increase in childhood thyroid cancer.


The state and power companies will deny everything because they are not statistically superior.

However, given the overwhelming energy level of radiation, it is scientific to think that such health damage will occur.


As the history of scientific progress shows, as data accumulates in the future, it will be understood that the damage that is still “scientifically uncertain” is due to exposure.


I think the important thing is to collect data properly. "


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