Yoshida Risa - The Lady With the Drum

I met Yoshida Risa yesterday in Musashisakai/Tokyo during a private group lecture (Ohanashikai お話会) about "Germany's road out of nuclear power" and energy shift issues. She was one of the two women in the center of a photo I took in summer 2012 at a demonstration against nuclear power held in Sakuraki-cho/Yokohama that went out to become the cover of my book "Sayonara Atomkraft". Yoshida san (or, as on Twitter: @sanponeko) is a member of a drum group that is amazingly active since years. We met personally for the first time six and a half year after the photo was made.
吉田りささんを初めて会ってよかった。彼女はドラム団のメンバーとして沢山の反原発デモに参加しています。『さよなら原発』という自作のカバー写真で左側の女性は吉田さん(@sanponeko) です。2012年の8月に横浜桜木町のデモでとった写真です。左の写真の撮影:イコマレイコさん


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