How IOC helps Japan to make the world forget about Fukushima nuclear disaster

I am writing a scientific article about opponents of 2020 Olympics and their reasonable arguments against #Tokyo2020
One of those critical points is the strong relationship between (inter)national sports and nuclear industry and politics. Nuclear power friendly #IOC is working hard not to use terms like #nuclearaccident#meltdown etc. when it comes round to Fukushima as an olympic host city: "FUKUSHIMA WAS HIT BY A DEVASTATING EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI IN 2011...": It was not only Fukushima that was hit by those disasters, but the whole northern coast of Honshu (Tohoku/Sanriku Coast). 

The role of Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 from the point of views of Japan's no nukes movement is to assist government's struggle to - rhetorically - overcome the nuclear desaster. And - under the label of "reconstruction Olympics" (fukkou gorin) - sports organizations support the discrimination of evacuees. It will be, so opponents fear, is as if the nuclear accident never had happened. 

Some of those concerns are discussed in my book "Sayonara Atomkraft". 

Some more impressions on my website: https://www.andreas-singler.de/olympia-in-tokyo-2020-東京五輪/…/

Also see my master thesis in Japanese Studies: 

"Olympia 2020 in Tôkyô: kritische Diskurse repräsentativer Akteure und Gruppierungen.
Masterarbeit an der J.W. Goethe-Universität, Fachbereich 9: Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaften, 118 S. + 26 S. Anhang, 14 Abb." 



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