TEPCO baut AKW in Higashidori - und will Fukushima Daini wohl wieder ans Netz bringen

It's a quite unwritten story, that TEPCO, which is mainly responsible for the Fukushima Daiichi NPP triple meltdown, has ambitious nuclear plans for the future. Not only TEPCO (or Toden/Tokyo Denryoku) plans to restart the NPP in Kashiwazaki-Kariwa in Niigata prefecture. Not only TEPCO is going to built a new NPP in Higashidori (Aomori prefecture) northeast of Fukushima, where it's running a public relation center together with Tohoku Denryoku. 

Even more: TEPCO has obviously not give up yet the idea of restart Fukushima Daini NPP. Frankly and without any shame TEPCO shows Japan's current situation and future plans about nuclear power at Higashidori NPP public relation center (see map). 

TEPCO here is not excluding the option to restart Fukushima Daini, inspite the Fukushima prefecture as well as Fukushima's 59 cities and villages delivered a clear petition against any kind of restart of Fukushima Daini NPP.

This investigation was realized with the help of IWJ-Aomori-correspondent @soundmanlive123 last may. Independent Web Journal's Website: https://iwj.co.jp

More about nuclear power in Japan, the no nukes movement, and about the situation in Fukushima in my book "Sayonara Atomkraft".

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